The Official Description of the typical Romney sheep is as follows:

Head wide, level between ears, with no horns nor dark hair on the poll. Eyes should be large, bright and prominent and the mouth sound. Face in ewes full, and, in rams broad and masculine in appearance.

Nose and hooves should be black. Neck well set in at the shoulders, strong and not too long. Shoulders well put in and level with the back. Chest wide and deep. Back straight and long, with a wide and deep loin.

Rump wide, long and well turned. Tail set in almost level with the chine. Thighs well let down and developed. the face should be white, and the skin of a clean pink colour. Ribs should be well sprung. Legs well set, with good bone and sound feet. Sheep should stand well on their pasterns.

The fleece should be of white colour, even texture and of a good decided staple from top of head to end of tail and free of kemp.

President – Elwyn Davies

Chairman of council – Helen Langrish

Vice chairman of council – Paul Boulden

Council members – C Balcombe, A Barr, P Boulden, J Coultrip, A Doughty, G Horne, H Langrish, J Murray, J Philips, H Skinner, P Skinner, G Wimble, S Wright